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Ever since man has been on the planet we have set our minds to taming the environment and growing plants and vegetables in any way possible. With the advent of agriculture we have learned that growing plants require specific environmental conditions. Something we cannot tame is our weather. The basic principle behind a greenhouse is straight forward, no matter what the weather the visible radiation from the sun enters through the transparent covering material and is absorbed by the plants to produce growth. The interior surfaces radiate heat and warm the air trapped inside.

However the Greenhouse as we know it today has improved in design and material technology. Over a long period of time, the greenhouse can be traced back through European history for several centuries, but for the origins of the Greenhouse you have to go back as far as the Romans, who are commonly credited with its inception. The earliest known accounts of something like a greenhouse dates back to (42BC to 37BC) in the reign of Emperor Tiberus, who had cucumbers grown in a “Specularium”. Well before the invention of glass, the structure was painstakingly glazed with tiny sheets of translucent Mica or Selenite Crystals.

The more modern Greenhouse was built in Italy in the thirteenth century to house exotic plants brought back from the tropics by early explorers, and were called “Giiardini Botonici” (Botanical gardens). The concept of Greenhouses spread through Europe and without the benefit of modern material and ventilation technology in these early Greenhouses often had problems with climate control. The first practical Greenhouse was built in Holland in 1599 where the French Botanist Jules Charles who used it to grow medicinal plants and herbs. The French loved their tropical fruit and soon adapted the Greenhouse model into what we know as Orangeries or Pineries built to protect the trees in winter.

The golden era of the Greenhouse was in England during the Victorian age, where the grandest glasshouses yet conceived were constructed, as the wealthy upper class competed to build the most elaborate buildings. The Greenhouse at Kew Gardens is a prime example.

The modern concept of the Greenhouse is both elegant and practical, no effort required to run or upkeep it and it will stand the test of time. No longer simply the private domain of the wealthy, a well designed Greenhouse from Hilltop is an affordable and worthwhile addition to your home and garden which can be tailored to suit any garden large or small. We have something to suit everyone, professional horticulturist or discerning hobby gardener alike.


  • Create an ideal growing environment
  • Keep out pests
  • Consistent Gardening
  • Optimum Growing Environment for Plants
  • Protection for plants
  • Low maintenance and economical

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